The word “Siddha” originated in South India. Thousands of years ago, “Siddha” refers to a being who has achieved a high degree of spiritual and physical perfection or enlightenment.  The ultimate demonstration of this is the attainment of immortality. A Siddha has realized the goal of a type of Sadhana (spiritual practice) and become a perfected being.  Individuals on the path to that assumed perfection must ingest special Rasayanas (alchemical elixirs) to perfect their bodies; this allows them to sustain prolonged meditation & pranayama practices.

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Siddha medicine transforms the chemical make-up of the body.   Navapashanam Water is one of these special Rayayanas that revitalizes/rejuvenates dysfunctional organs and obliterates the cause of disease. This allows the body to survive on Rasayanas alone, in a perfect state of health and consciousness.

Navapashanam water is the most sought-after “secret” of the Siddhas. It is the “Fountain of Youth” that became legendary when Ponce de Leon began searching for it. Tales of such a fountain have been recounted across the world for thousands of years, appearing in writings by Herodotus, the Alexander Romance, and countless others!  Stories of a similar waters were also evidently prominent among the  indigenous people of the many lands on every continent.  The Travels of Sir John Mandeville mentions the Fountain of Youth as located at the foot of a mountain outside Polombe in India.

In Sanskrit, “nava” is ‘nine’ & “pashana” is ‘poison.’ The word refers to the 9 basic elements that combine to create a human body. Siddhas aspire to live without the need for external intake of the 9 “poisons.” Navapashanam water is the medicine that allows one to produce all necessary energies from the inside. Crafted 5100 years ago – by Siddha Bhoganathar (also known as Bhogar or Bogar)- the exact composition of Navapashanam remains a mystery. Its results, however, are miraculous.

For those on the path to spiritual perfection, Navapashanam water facilitates the transformation of the physical body into a “realized” body of pure, enlightened consciousness. It sustains the body on its own, liberating the person from the intake of food, water, oxygen, etc. For those who simply wish to be free of disease and increase vitality/longevity/happiness/health, Navapashanam water can be used for a period of time to restore one’s body, mind & soul.

Navapashanam water comes from a “bead” which can be worn on the body as jewelry. This “bead” is a  powerful Talisman, which affects one’s body & consciousness, especially if worn constantly. (Also referred to as Navapashana and Navapashanam). Navapashanam awakens the Self to balance all energy centers called chakras, and to regenerate reproductive systems. Navapashanam wakens the Self to transmute dis-ease which is said to be negative energy. The Awakened Self purifies the blood, strengthens the central nervous system as well as the digestive, circulatory, endocrine and immune systems.

Navapashanam awakened Self restores youthful vigor by rebalancing the internal five elemental energies, earth, water, fire, wind and ether thus increasing the ‘Cosmic Fire’ also known as the Life Force. Navapashanam awakened Self dramatically increases the ability to absorb and retain energy as well as reduces the need for food and sleep.

Dipping the Navapashanam bead Talisman in water, oil, milk or honey and drinking it awakens the Self. The awakened self knows how to reverse all kinds of ill energy and to energetically rejuvenate the body. Each Bead lasts more than a lifetime!

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