Sacred Elixir of Youth

Liquid Chi

Alchemy of Gold
Radiant rejuvenation

Light-Body nourishment 

What Is Aurmus? 

An alchemical elixir of many names revered by the Ancients. It has been called “Cleopatra’s Milk,” “Manna” and the “Elixir of Youth.” In essence, Aurmus {also known as ‘Ormus’} is Life Force or “Chi” in liquid form. The Aurmus magic stems from the bouquet of “ORME” – Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements – all belonging to the Platinum Group Elements. These include Gold, Platinum, Irridium, Ruthenium, Osmium, Rhodium and Palladium in their alchemical, mono~atomic, form. The highly charged mono-atomic ORME behave as superconductors and have the ability to transmit this property to the body, relax the DNA and promote its repair. Science acknowledges Ormus as “exotic matter” due to its capacity to bend space~time and many other miraculous properties that exist on the edge of the “known.” 

What Aurmus Can Do

Enhance overall Well~Being

Strengthen connection with Source

Center and Ground

Bring a sense of Happiness and Contentedness

Support inner Knowing and Discernment

Bring one into Flow, enhancing Synchronicity

Improve mental clarity'

Gift radiant glow to the skin and eyes

Our AURMUS is Based On Navapashanam Alchemy

Unlike traditional Ormus, Aurmus is collected in a unqiue ancient elixir called Navapashanam. Created by an immortal Siddha, Bhogar Siddhar {the teacher of Babaji}, Navapashanam is a highly refined mixture of several thousand herbs and minerals that has come to be known as “solidified Cosmic Love” or “the Fountain of Youth” in India and has been highly prized for its unique youthing properties. We created Navapashanam elixir by dipping Navapashanam into distilled water. This rare substance is blessed indeed!

Aurmus is a Temple Product

Our Aurmus is truly a product of Alchemy. It is created on auspicious and potent days such as full moons and equinoxes and imbued with the power of crystals, mantras and singing bowls. It is a subtle energy substance and it can be programmed with sacred vibrations at the point of creation. 

Explore The Depths

We invite you to visit “What is Aurmus” to discover more about the High Magic of Aurmus – its science and ancient history. 

Please Be Informed

*These Results are simply being reported by some people & in NO WAY represent a guarantee, a likely outcome, or promise. ALL MEDICAL CONDITIONS should be evaluated by a Medical Doctor.
We recommend that you do your own research into Ormus to determine if it’s right for you.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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