Aurmus High Frequency


Aurmus High Frequency is ideally suited for experienced meditators and beings who have actively engaged in spiritual growth. It’s powerful vibration activates 7-12th energy centers and supports any form of higher spiritual activity such as yoga and meditation. We recommend trying it before your practice to experience its maximum effect.

“Each bottle contains 100 ML of Aurmus, which provides 1 – 1.5 months of daily enjoyment.”

Disclaimer: Thai Post does not deliver beyond 100mL of liquids, so courier mail is our only option for the larger quantities. In that case Divine Yoniverse, LLC is not responsible for customs delays

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Our Process and Ingredients

Our Aurmus is extracted with love and care from high quality Dead Sea Salt. It is charged with the highest vibrations of crystals, mantras and sacred geometry and collected at potently auspicious times such as full moons and equinoxes. The sacred Elixir is washed at least 8 times with Navapashanam water. We don’t take shortcuts in our process and you can feel it once you experience Aurmus.

The effects of Aurmus are different for each individual, so we advise to tune in whether it is right for you at this time.


Aurmus is not designed to cure or treat any disease and we advise to seek medical attention if such is present.


Because our Aurmus has a high content of White Powder Gold, which can settle, we advise to shake the bottle before use to ensure the highest delivery of the precious ORME.

Monoatomic elements in Aurmus are sensitive to the EMFs {Electro~Magnetic Fields}, so it is advised to keep it away from all electronics and to protect it with aluminum foil for storage or if carrying in a purse with cell phones. Aluminum foil will shield ORME from the EMFs.


Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE is Aurmus to be combined with any form of mind~altering substance.


Full refund will be issued if the bottle has arrived damaged and pictures can be provided of such damage within 3 days of delivery. Please read the description carefully before buying. We thank you for being informed and are committed to providing the most accurate information about the product.  Aurmus is a consummable. Once consummed, it is not refundable, providing the bottle has been received in good condition.

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